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Check Livegrades to keep track of your grades or to contact me through email.  Please contact me if you need extra help. I am available during class work time, study hall at lunch, and after school some days. Please check with me first so I will be available for you.



  1. You are expected to be on time. Be here early, so you are ready to start when class begins.

  2. You are expected to treat everyone in the class with an attitude of respect. This includes the language you use, the attitude you bring to class, and the way you respond when asked to do something in class.

  3. You are expected to complete every assignment to the best of your ability before you get to class. Once in class, you are expected to ask questions on anything that you do not understand.

  4. You are expected to use the entire period productively. This means paying attention/taking notes during times of lecture, actively participating in group work, using any extra time given to you in class to complete your daily work, start your homework, or review for upcoming quizzes and/or tests.

  5. Please limit time out of class for emergencies. Take care of your personal business on your own time.

  6. Cell phones should be turned off and put in the wall holders. If any phone is seen or heard in the classroom, it will be taken from the student then returned at the end of class on the first offense.  The second offense will result in a phone call home to parents or guardians as well as the phone being turned in to the office.


  • Homework and notes are posted during the class and online. If you are absent, you should check the website from home or as soon as you return.

  • You get one day for every day absent to make up work.

  • It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed!

  • Students are expected to take tests at the scheduled day and time. If you miss the review day before a scheduled test you will still be expected to take the test on time. Students who miss the assigned test time may be required to take an alternate form of the test. Repeated absences on test days will indicate the need for a parent conference.

  • Make-up tests/quizzes will be given during class time, or during study hall at lunch if requested.